Tuesday, July 10, 2018

DOWNLOAD MUSIC: Sophiya - [Holy Spirit I Adore & Who You Are] @Sophiaariba

Two new powerful songs "Who you are" & Holy Spirit I Adore" have just been released Sophiya. 

Below is what Sophiya wrote about the songs:

HOLY SPIRIT I ADORE: Have you ever been In the presence of the Holy Spirit ..where nothing else matters but his voice . You are there with all your dreams ,aspirations ,even your vulnerabilities,just you and the Spirit of God .. no noise from the world . .It's the best thing ever!.. look forward to that special time with him as you listen to this song . 


WHO YOU ARE: Sometimes we face challenges and it could be tough . But I have come to realize that every challenge is a blessing in disguise . Challenges make you grow .Challenges make you bloom . Challenges are like the purging fire that brings out the shine in you .
I hope this song makes you realize again how great and special you .especially if you have the greater one living in you . 
Who you are inside can overcome anything .enjoy 


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